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altavista Submitting

When adding a URL to AltaVista, you are only required to give the location of your site. AltaVista will then 'spider' it, copying your html to the AltaVista database.


AltaVista downloads your page and indexes it, utilizing robot or spider technology. Alta Vista accesses each page and looks for every instance of the search within the indexed pages. They return the pages with the following criteria first:

  • searched words are found towards the top of a page (such as in the title)
  • queried words are found close to each other
  • The page contains one instance of the query word(s
AltaVista views every page and article on the web sequencentially. A word maybe mispelled but as long as that word exists on the Web, AltaVista will search for it.

Meta Tags

Meta tags add keywords and a description to pages without having that text visible to the user from their browser. AltaVista recognizes Meta Tags.

Getting The Best Results

To optimize your pages on AltaVista you should:

  • ensure your page contains your desired keywords directly in the html
  • utilize keywords to your title
  • utilize the Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags.
Helpful Hints

For very graphical sites, AltaVista will index it from your Title and whatever text that is contained in your html. Meta Tags are crucial as they enable you to define your page on AltaVista and to ensure that the correct description is used.

AltaVista uses:

  • Meta Tags and text from pagesí html for searches
  • Meta Description or first words on page for searches
  • standard keyword searches
  • robots/spiders to visit your site

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