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yahoo History

At the time of writing Yahoo is the most popular search engine on the Web and some magazine articles have claimed up to 70% of a site's hits are through you being located Yahoo. Yahoo is one of the few hierarchical search engines as not only can you type in keywords for a Yahoo search, you can also explore its database uses categories.

Yahoo is also a member of the 'Fortunate Five' search engines accessible from the Netscape web site.


Yahoo's home page has ten categories -- Entertainment, Business, etc. - and by choosing one you receive a list of sub-categories, each branching into even more sub-categories, eventually displaying a list of web sites.

When you submit a URL to Yahoo you need to choose the category you think fits your site. You then include a paragraph description of your site and the title. This information is processed by a person, not a robot or a spider.

Someone from Yahoo will inspect your submission and it is normal for them to shift you to a different category if they feel that is more appropriate. Or they can condense your description. Yahoo search results are returned ordered by category, so if your site is in the category 'Films' it will be shown before any in the category 'Regional', for instance. So be sure to select a category that comes close to the top of Yahoo's hierarchical structure.


When doing Yahoo keyword searches the title and description of your web site are the two primary pieces of text that are used as points of reference. Your web site's html is totally ignored. For this reason it is wise to choose a title that includes keywords. Your description should also be carefully chosen, so keep it short to avoid editing and include only the most descriptive keywords for your site.

You should also consider submitting not only your home page but also some of your submerges as Yahoo limits the number of keywords associated with your site. This will widen your exposure as well as increasing the total number of keywords your site matches.

Meta Tag

Yahoo neither supports nor recognizes the meta tag.


These are ways you can optimize your Web Site for Yahoo searches:

  • Choose your category wisely when submitting and pick categories close to the top of Yahoo's hierarchical structure
  • Include keywords in your title
  • Your description may be edited so choose it with care
  • Submit more than one web page to Yahoo as this helps to maximize the number of keywords that match your site.


  • Yahoo is the most popular search engine
  • Yahoo is hierarchical
  • Yahoo has limited size descriptions
  • Yahoo uses humans not robots or spiders
  • Yahoo ignores text in your web site

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