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lycos History

Lycos is one of the original search engines and has been around for some time. At one point, Lycos was the most popular search engine on the Internet, but has been surpassed by Yahoo.


Lycos uses a standard keyword search method for returning search results. The Lycos database contains a copy of your html and uses that for searches. This can be both good and bad. If your web site is very graphical it will not show up well in Lycos because your html will be short on text. If your site contains a lot of text it will show up well in Lycos. Any keywords that a user searches for in Lycos will show up if it matches text on your web site.

You cannot change this behavior. Lycos does not allow you to create a separate description of your site. Your description and all the words that you hope users will search for must be contained in the html of your site.


When you add your URL to Lycos, you are only asked for the location of your web site. Lycos then sends a spider to your site, which copies your html to the Lycos database.

Meta Tag

Lycos does not support or recognize the meta tag.


Make sure your web page contains the keywords you want directly in the html. If you do not want these keywords to display on the screen you can place them in comment tags. Place your comment tags at the very top of your html document. What to do if your Web Site is VERY graphical: Create a second page which is text only and submit that to Lycos. An example of this is the Inside WLA Web site by Amulet Consulting. The home page for this site contains many graphics and not much text. A second page was created which serves as a quick reference index as well as a description of the site.

This text page,,was submitted to Lycos rather than the home page. It contains all the keywords that we wanted to include in our site description (entertainment, dining, Beverly Hills, etc). This text page links directly to the home page as well as to other pages in our site.

A combination of a graphical home page and a secondary text page is also beneficial to users. At peak times on the Internet when traffic is higher users can load the text page quickly and gain access to the same information.


  • standard keyword searches
  • does not allow you to submit descriptions
  • uses robots to visit your site
  • only uses text found in your html for searches
  • can return a paragraph or more about each site to search users

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