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     Northern Light

Northern Light History

Northern Light joined its competitors in August 1997 and has built 50 million pages on its index. Northern Light is different from similar sized engines as it provides an index and has a comprehensive catalogue of more than 1,800 magazines, books, papers and newswires. Although there is some charge required for this service it is still of interest to researchers. Despite all the press coverage Northern Light has been receiving there are no statistics available although it should soon be making alliances.


Northern Light likes high Keyword density. If you improve on this and you can get a higher hit rate.


For keyword searches in Northern Light the title and description of your web site are the two primary pieces of text that are referenced. As Yahoo ignores your web site's html it pays to choose a title that includes keywords. You should choose your description carefully, but keep it short otherwise it might be edited and include only your site's most descriptive keywords.

Meta Tag

Meta Tags are supported and recognized by Northern Light.


For optimizing your Web Site for Northern Light be you can do the following:

  • Include strategic keywords in your heading
  • Choose your description carefully to avoid editing
  • Submit more than one web page


  • Title Tags: these should include your most important keywords
  • Meta Tags: Northern Light says they "note" meta tags but do not use them for descriptions or for increased relevancy of the page.
  • High priority on Textual content.

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