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hotbot Keywords

HotBot uses a standard keyword search method for showing search results and HotBot database uses a few sentences of your html for searches. If your web site is heavily graphical this will not show up well in HotBot because your html will be short on text, unless you use meta tags.

Any keyword that a user searches for in HotBot will show up if it matches text on your site or your meta tags. Meta tags can control the way HotBot returns your page.


If you add your URL to HotBot you are asked for the location of your web site and your e-mail address. HotBot's spider then copies your keywords to the HotBot database.

Meta Tag

HotBot supports meta tags, robot tags and description tags.


What you can do to optimize your site for HotBot searches:

  • Ensure your web page contains the keywords directly in the html
  • Utilize meta tags
  • Name your page or pages aptly


  • standard keyword searches
  • uses robots for going to your site
  • uses meta tags or text from your html for searches, which include description tags
  • search users get a sentence or a couple of sentences about each site

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