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infoseek General Information

Infoseek is a large database searchable in a couple of different ways. Infoseek blends the "blanket search" and pinpoint searches into one search engine. "Ultrasmart" is the blanket search that can be used to find related topics, in case the user does not know exactly what to look for. "Ultraseek" is the other search option, where only sites that match the query are returned. This service is used when the user knows exactly what needs to be returned.

Submittal Policy

Your URL is submitted through e-mail to Infoseek claims the URL is added immediately to the grand database population and, if eligible, is added to a heirarchical category system similar to Yahoo!

Delete Method

In order for a URL to be removed from the Infoseek database, it must be added to the robots.txt file on the server the site is on. This guarantees that a site cannot be removed from the database by anyone except the administrators of the site.


The use of meta tags in the body of the html document is very important. The meta description tag is what shows up when the URL is returned. Unless you want your Javascript returned, it is a good idea to use meta tags.

Infoseek will list up to 200 characters of your description, and use 1000 characters of your keyword meta tag. Any word repeated more than 7 times in the keywords will make Infoseek disregard the entire keyword meta tag. Meta tags also allow you to add descriptions and keywords to frame pages with little text.

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