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excite Submitting

You only need to give the location of the site when adding a URL and the content will be visited and reviewed by a spider from Excite. An Excite 'theme' and rating is given to the site and to your site. You can then find your site using appropriate keywords.


Excite summarizes your page. Punctuated sentences are preferred. The summary is processed by 'concept based' software that looks for the page's dominant theme. Your page is indexed by trying to match keywords to your theme. Excite believes that summarizing the entire page to get a general 'feel' of the theme will offer more accurate results.

You can not influence this behavior as with Excite you may not create a separate description of your web site. Every word you expect users to search for must be appropriate to the theme the summary of the html of your site generates.

Meta Tag

Excite neither supports nor recognizes the meta tag.

Optimizing for searches

Several ways are open to you for optimizing your Web Site for Excite searches. Excite searches your site until it thinks it has found a suitable summary. Your front pages should therefore be concise, precise and to the point in order to get a stronger summary. Excite prefers punctuated sentences. Put the keywords you want used in the html and avoid repeating keywords as these may end up as your summary.

If your web site contains a lot of graphics: In this case create a second text-only page to submit to Excite. See: InsideWLA by Amulet Consulting. In this site the home page has a lot of graphics but minimal text. The second page is a quick reference index and a description of the site. The text page: was submitted to Excite instead of the home page as it contains all the keywords to be included in the site description (entertainment, dining, Beverly Hills, etc) and links directly to the home page as well as to other pages in the site.

A heavily graphical home page combined with a secondary text page can be useful as users can load the text page quickly and gain access to the same information.

Ranking Theory

The returned pages displayed are ranked according to how close the query keywords match the 'theme' of a certain page. A confidence rating shows how close a 'theme' of a particular site matches the query keywords. Sites with a higher confidence rating are returned first.


  • keyword searches to match your topic
  • cannot submit descriptions
  • your site visited by 'robots'
  • uses text found in your html for creating topic
  • keywords match topic return page
  • topic is returned with web site

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